Employee Code of Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct

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Employee Code of Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct
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    What is Employee Code of Conduct Policy

    An employee code of conduct is a collection of principles that provides a framework for the behavior of employees on a daily basis. It reflects the organization’s vision, mission, beliefs, and culture. The Code establishes a foundation for all employees to maintain a productive, positive, enjoyable, safe, and free of harassment and discrimination environment at work. It will also aid managers in inducting new employees into the Company. Our foundation is built on working with honesty and integrity, which majorly distinguishes us from our competitors.


    Our company culture considers all religions, and castes equal. That imbibes a sense of unity and belonging to every employee of the Company and which in turn improves efficiency and helps in shattering all the set targets.

    Elements of Employee Code of Conduct Policy

    Compliance with Law

    We are compliant with municipal, national, regional, etc., laws that are applicable to our business. The legal compliances of the Company must be done by all of our employees and those operating on our behalf. All environmental, safety and fair and ethical trade practices must be followed.

    Hefty monetary penalties, imprisonment, tarnishing of goodwill, damage to our business connections, etc. are some of the consequences of breaking the law.


    Dress and Appearance

    The Company is very well established in the market, and our clients have a specific perception about the Company, so the employees must therefore at all costs maintain a neat, clean, and appropriate appearance for their specific area of work. At all times, a high level of personal hygiene is expected.


    Responsibilities and Behavior

    Every employee is personally accountable and responsible for their own performance, behavior, and attendance in the workplace. Employees must carry out their responsibilities and act in accordance with the provisions of the Employee Code of Conduct. Any infringement of the Employee Code of Conduct, whether by themselves or others, must be reported immediately to HR.


    Conflict Of Interest

    You shall not have entered into any other agreement or arrangement that would conflict with the terms & conditions of your employment with the Company or prevent you from fully performing your job responsibilities for the Company.


    Financial Interest

    Employees must avoid financial gains or ventures that may directly or indirectly interfere with or impair the performance of their duties or the Company’s purposes or activities.

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